Easing your stress with Yoga

Easing your stress with Yoga

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Stress is one of the most frustrating symptoms of life in the 21st century. Stress is the cause of health problems as well. It shouldn’t come as any surprise to you to hear that heart attacks, strokes, even cancer have all been linked to the amount of stress a person has in their lives.

If you are concerned about your health and the life you lead is getting increasingly stressful, it is imperative that you find some way to relieve your tension, before it causes you some serious harm.

Yoga is quickly becoming the number one cure for stress and if you are finding it harder to relieve stress on your own, yoga just might be your best option.

Yoga is the ancient art of relaxing and centering your body to allow it to function properly.

It isn’t a skill that needs to be taught, it can be something you do privately from the intimacy of your own home. Learn how to control the stress factors in your own life without spending a fortune.

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  • Chapter 1: What Is Yoga?
  • Chapter 2: History Of Yoga
  • Chapter 3: Why Do Yoga?
  • Chapter 4: Who Should Do Yoga?
  • Chapter 5: The Aims Of Yoga.
  • Chapter 6: Types Of Yoga
          • Bhakti Yoga
          • Hatha Yoga
          • Jnana Yoga
          • Karma Yoga
          • Kundalini Yoga
          • Mantra Yoga
          • Purna Yoga
          • Raja Yoga
  • Chapter 7: Eight Limbs Of Yoga
          • Asanas
          • Dharana
          • Dhyana
          • Niyama
          • Pranayama
          • Pratyahara
          • Samadhi
          • Yama
  • Chapter 8: Paths Of Yoga
  • Chapter 9: Benefits Of Yoga
          • Introduction
          • Anti-Ageing Benefits Of Yoga
          • Balance & Yoga
          • Flexibility & Yoga
          • Yoga & Personal Values
          • Yoga & Love
          • Yoga & Mental Health
          • Yoga & Social Values
          • Yoga For Beauty
          • Yoga Healing
          • Yoga & Sex
          • Yoga & Knowledge
          • Yoga For Weight Reduction
  • Chapter 10: Guidelines & Conclusion